The UAE’s Environmental Impact

In 2006, the Living Planet Report (LPR)1 ranked the United Arab Emirates as the country with the highest per capita Ecological Footprint in the world.  In its latest report published in 2014, Living Planet listed the UAE as having the third-highest Ecological Footprint, per capita.

The United Arab Emirates’ ranking down in the World Wildlife Federation’s (WWF) globally referenced list in a span of eight years is backed by an interesting story that needs to be retold.  It showcases a remarkable initiative taken by the UAE government and its administrative sector, and the numerous forums and institutes that have subsequently launched, including the Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC). These initiatives have eventually worked to push environmental conservation to the forefront of the UAE’s policy making agenda resulting in conservation goals now working in tandem with agendas that pertain to economic growth.

From the many institutions and organizations that have arisen since 2006, EmiratesGBC has secured a credible place within the sustainable thinking realm, by strategically fulfilling its mission to serve as an educator, and as a platform of knowledge exchange for all sectors within the building industry which influence the country’s ecological footprint. Hence, this report aims to highlight how a) policy efforts at the federal level and b) EmiratesGBC’s organizational activities have collectively impacted the building industry, building market

awareness, and inspiring business decisions which have notably contributed towards the reduction of UAE’s ecological footprint.

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