October 12, 2016


At NTC Hospitality , we have become preferred partners to many hotels and lodging companies in Dubai by following a fairly simple philosophy offer a product of out standing quality with equally out standing values. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience. NTC Hospitality provides many services for its clients such as hotel management , hotel development  hotel brokerage and various other services for hotels and other businesses. Currently, we manage more than 2000 hotel rooms and suites, with numerous additional properties under proposal .



We approach each property with a total dedication to excellence which is reflected by each employee on every level. Every potential property is carefully evaluated by NTC Hospitality through a method developed and tested over years of experience. We partner with architects, engineers, and contractors who share our passion for excellence.


To achieve peak efficiency, we support all our properties and general managers through a central office that provides routine management services including auditing, payroll, invoicing, taxes insurance, budgets, legal services and training for each property. In short , our management formula means ” at NTC Hospitality, success checks in for an extended stay.