October 11, 2016


NTC Consultancy company is an umbrella Organization for businesses that provides professional services across a


wide range of industries and sectors.We work with our clients to achieve significantly increased profitability through the

implementation of operational improvements leading to increased sales, lower operating and over head costs, increased out put and lower capital expenditure.

NTC provides services to both the private and public sectors through its deep knowledge of issues relevant to specific industries.In the private sector NTC has expertise in the construction and development , retail , consumer goods, financial services,education,transportation and health care industries. NTC Consultancy is a successful consulting firm and a recognized partner in out sourcing advisory .The company has been founded in 2006 by Dr. Mohamad El Khatib,an experienced consultant ,who has been able to forge a strong and talented team of international professionals that constantly strive for innovative and valuable approaches to give our clients a competitive edge We providetail or made solutions as a result Of a blend of advanced skills ,professional consultancy and international expertise. Our focus is on four key strategic areas:Strategy and management consulting Urban development and Investment Program and Project management  Managed World Class Service Personnel Services  Educational Curricula Design

NTC Consultancy is a valued partner for building successful out sourcing strategies by streamlining internal processes for a smooth transition, effici ently managing the out sourcing process,significantly reducing cost ,while improving the quality of deliverables. Strategically ,NTC is the best partner for helping your organization in mastering all of today’s business challenges and facing the ones to come.



  • Diamond Developers
  • Aristocrat ( Star Real Estate Development)
  • Al Gaith Holding
  • Blue Stone Investments