March 28, 2017



NTC Group Introduces LOXSMART the future of home automation:

The most comprehensive home automation package ever installed. Up to  99 innovative additions to current home space. Double the value of your home with less than 20 % additional investment and enjoy control over your home utility bills and even your mood.


Technology has developed so quickly and invaded our households; it is now a must-have for luxury living. LOXSMART aspires to design a space that combines beautiful finishes seamlessly with state of the art technology, creating a harmony between the two disciplines.

In an LOXSMART Home, everything can be controlled like lighting from simple lighting to solar system, all from a switch or a phone. In a LOXSMART Home, everything is brought together by the central hub. Sensors are the eyes and ears of the Smart Home. It is possible to get the most functionality from home by making intelligent use of various sensors.

LOXSMART takes security seriously by developing advanced defense mechanisms to daunt even the most determined intruder. The Smart Home offers numerous possibilities for making a home safer.

The LOXSMART Home manages energy perfectly. It helps make the most of the electricity produced and saves energy. It’s easy to integrate the multimedia devices into the smart home. Select a favorite song, adjust the volume and much more.

With LOXSMART home upgrade. You live the future . . . . . Today.