October 12, 2016

Property Management

NTC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT creates value through lasting partnerships and superior service. we provide a quality of service that is unique to the industry and delivers a distinct competitive advantage. Our extensive local presence and knowledge of commercial properties result in a better understanding of tenants’ requirements. This allows us to quickly respond to our tenants’ changing needs.

Businesspeople shaking hands and posing with dummy of house

NTC manages all properties and tenants locally within house management teams. The property management team has achieved one of the highest tenant satisfaction rates in the industry by providing superior service as measured by third party surveys.Sustainability, social responsibility and resource conservation is of utmost importance in the service we provide. Our goal at NTC is to capture sustainability opportunities at all of our properties, and we are focused on quantifiable performance and continuous improvement . We believe  this is the approach that creates the most value for our tenants, our shareholders, and our employees. NTC PROPERTIES’ sustainability efforts focus on resource conservation through initiatives related to energy , water , and materials, including Energy Star bench marking;higher efficiency lighting, plumbing, and HVAC equipment ; demand response; real time electricity monitoring; green roofs; recycling; and sustainable purchasing.