October 12, 2016


NTC Marketing is specialized f or small markets and offer our clients custom solutions. Advanced methodologies and our deep insights into our clients’ industries helps distinguish our service. Our successes come from our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities.Our services add value to the business and brands of our clients.The core of our company are very enthusiastic and talented individuals who marked the entire industry of marketing research in UAE and the Middle East region.Our core business is consulting on the basis of marketing research.Our foundations are in the research industry .

However, our knowledge and skills reach into various disciplines, such as brand management, management consulting, innovations, media, trend forecasting, web strategies and data mining.These marketing and business skills allow us to tap a rich seam of insights to help offer valuable marketing advice to our clients.


Our key success factors:

The basis of our success are our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities. We know our clients and quickly recognize both their needs and their wishes. This helps us build close and successful relationships.We translate regional strategies to local markets. We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance solutions for our clients. Our wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark. We have more than fifteen years of experience in marketing research, which gives us the necessary knowledge and wisdom. Our employees are experts in their fields and enjoy their work. All this ensures that we can guarantee our clients added value